Here's What our Patients are Saying!

“I would recommend Healthy Expectations to anyone seeking the finest in physical therapy”                                                           -DB

The one-on-one therapy makes all the difference. If you have an hour appointment, she’s with you the whole hour!  I would recommend Healthy Expectations to everyone who needs PT.

                                            -Joann O

"The staff at Healthy Expectations were knowledgeable, highly skilled and committed to their clients. My experience with Healthy Expectations was positive and exceeded my expectations" -DB

"Teri is an amazing therapist. Everyone in the office is so kind! They work with me and my busy schedule. I can really feel myself improving here. I could not recommend this enough!" -HL

"My experience here has been wonderful. I love the fact that I’ve been able to spend an hour each time with my therapist, and I’ve learned so much. I drive an hour and a half to each appointment, and it has been well worth it. Now I get to share with my girlfriends that some of the things they are experiencing don’t “just have to be that way”!" -Kim

"I’ve had back pain for so long, but just ignored it. When I got pregnant and it got worse, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore. PT has helped me feel like I can live pain free, and I can not only be pain free when pregnant, but pain free with kids too." -Hillary